2010-03-22 13:09:46     gnice+ no bf518F support?

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2010-03-22 13:09:46     gnice+ no bf518F support?

Andrew Kohlsmith (CANADA)

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I've got a shiny new gnice+ here, connected to an bf518f ezboard, and I'm running blackfin-jtag-tools-09r1.1-2.


Initboard does not appear to have a bf518f variant:


bf526_ezkit Blackfin BF526 EZ-KIT board bus driver via BSR

bf527_ezkit Blackfin BF527 EZ-KIT board bus driver via BSR

bf52x      Generic Blackfin BF52x bus driver via BSR

bf533_stamp Blackfin BF533 Stamp board bus driver

bf533_ezkit Blackfin BF533 EZ-KIT board bus driver via BSR

bf537_stamp Blackfin BF537 Stamp board bus driver via BSR

bf537_ezkit Blackfin BF537 EZ-KIT board bus driver via BSR

bf538f_ezkit Blackfin BF538F EZ-KIT board bus driver via BSR

bf53x      Generic Blackfin BF53x bus driver via BSR

bf548_ezkit Blackfin BF548 EZ-KIT board bus driver

bf561_ezkit Blackfin BF561 EZ-KIT board bus driver

bfin_core  Blackfin bus driver via CORE


I've tried a few of these but nothing seems to be the correct one for the BF518F ezboard.


In a similar vein, can the gnice+ be used to program an initial image into the BF518F's onboard SPI flash? I'd like to put u-boot in there and then use u-boot to flash in a kernel and initrd.




2010-03-22 13:52:06     Re: gnice+ no bf518F support?


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The BF518 was added to trunk after the 2009 release was made - either grab a snapshot, or build things from source.


Most of your other questions can be answered by the standard docs.










2010-03-22 15:36:24     Re: gnice+ no bf518F support?

Andrew Kohlsmith (CANADA)

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Thank you, Robin, for your detailed answer. I'll grab the source and build.


I have one question though, and neither of the links you provided seem to answer it.


The BF518F has on-board SPI flash. The EZ-Kit has an external SPI flash, U9, which can be selected with JP16 and a boot mode of '3'. The EZ-Kit manual states that rotary position '2' is "boot from 16-bit asynchronous FIFO", but the ADSL-BF51xHRM rev 1 says that mode 010 (2) is "boot from internal serial SPI memory." The schematic (sheet 2) matches the HRM.


Now the HRM also goes on to say that mode 5 is "boot from on-chip OTP memory" and that it is the only standalone booting mode. Surely the BF518F has two modes, 2 and 5, doesn't it?


I've read through the links provided (and several of the links after that) and also the HRM, but I don't see a programming specification for the internal SPI flash. Have I overlooked something?




2010-03-22 15:52:31     Re: gnice+ no bf518F support?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the internal SPI flash isnt special in how you access it.  it's hooked up to the SPI bus with a SPI CS like any other SPI flash.  same goes for accessing the SPI flash from u-boot or linux.


for manual discrepencies, those should be reported to processor.tools.support@analog.com.




2010-03-22 17:07:53     Re: gnice+ no bf518F support?

Andrew Kohlsmith (CANADA)

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Thank you for the address, I'll send that along shortly.


Is there a SPI Flash device that it emulates? The programming method for various SPI Flash devices varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and often times even from device to device from the same manufacturer.  Where would I find out the commands to (for example) erase device, page erase (how big are pages?) write word, write page, etc.?




2010-03-22 17:18:09     Re: gnice+ no bf518F support?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the internal SPI flash is a real SPI flash.  we bought it from someone and it's simply hard wired up inside the packaging.  i guess the datasheet doesnt say exactly what part it is, but iirc, it's a ST Micro part.  the u-boot/linux drivers should already "just work" with it.


when you send the e-mail, you should ask them to add references to the exact SPI flash part number that is being bundled.