2010-01-05 05:45:57     upgrading

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2010-01-05 05:45:57     upgrading

Filip Vanalme (BELGIUM)

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I'm finally upgrading from 2006R1 to version 2009R1. I think I installed everything correctly and was able to configure and build the kernel. However, if I compare the old-kernel tree (which I never build myself ; I 'inherited' the kernel tree the way it was...) with the new one, I miss the uClibc directory in the new one. And that's one of the reasons, I think, why I have lots of errors when building my application (the project, as it is now, checks this direcory for header files and libraties, I think). Does that directory no longer exist in the new release ? Should it be created when building the kernel ?


thanks for helping this newbie...






2010-01-05 07:55:56     Re: upgrading


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uClibc has been moved to toolchain repository. It is built along with the toolchain and installed in the toolchain installation directory. So when you build uclinux-dist, gcc will use the installed uClibc to build applications. The whole uclinux-dist in 2009R1 release should be OK. But if you have your own application, you need to adjust its Makefile to not reference non-existent uClibc in uclinux-dist.