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Can't find definition of model '1N4148' - The standard library doesn't work

Category: Software
Product Number: LT-Spice
Software Version: (x64): 24.0.12


After installing LTspice, simple schematics containing a standard diode or mosfet do not work (.../lib/cmp). After placing the standard diode symbol I selected a type from the dropdown menu, e.g. '1N4148', but after starting the simulation the mentioned error message appears.

However, I have no problems with the standard passive components (resistors, inductors, capacitors)!


When I opened the "standard.dio" and searched for '1N4148', I saved the model code in a new file "1N4148.lib". Then I used the include directive in LTspice and voila, the simulation runs!

So what is the reason for being able to select the type of diode but not being able to run its working model code?
Or what is the reason to be able to work with standard resistors, but not with standard diodes?



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  • Hi Earl,

    thanks for your response.

    My search path looks like this:

    And the symbols and models are installed here:

    The standard.dio looks like this:

    It seems to me, everything is fine but nevertheless two error messages occur:

    According to a youtube video the model description in the standard.dio should suffice, but it doesn't. I changed the simulation like this:

     ... voila, it works !?