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spice model

Category: Software
Product Number: MAX22701E
Software Version: LTspice(x64):24.0.12

hello, I'm a university student from South Korea.
I need 'MAX22701E' or 'MAX22701EAWA spice model for Ltspice.
please help me..

  • Hi!

    right now we don't have a model for the MAX22701E however you should still use the model for the MAX22701D which is available in the LTSpice model library already integrated in the software.

    The only difference between the two devices is in the control logic, while the rest of the device is the same.

    In details:

    - MAX22701E (active-low ENABLE option): if EN is low, OUT = IN. If EN is high, OUT always low.

    - MAX22701D (differential input option): the OUT state is determined by the status of the differential input. If both inputs have the same value, the previous state is held.

    All the tables I have attached could be found in the MAX22700-MAX22702 Datasheet