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Help file suggestions and other feature requests

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Software Version: 24.0.12

Before I get to the main topic, this might be relevant: I've been using LTspice since version XVII starting in 2017. I'm currently writing a book for Focal Press that contains dozens of audio circuit "elements," and Ithe book features LTspice. All of the circuits will be provided as .asc files so readers can try them out immediately and easily add them to their own projects. I've been getting a lot of help in the LTspice forum at, but I thought this might be a better place for these suggestions:

In the HTML help for Waveform Viewer / Data Trace Selection I believe the second screen shot down is incorrect for the text above that describes probing the current into a component pin.

In  the Help file for the .step directive, you could also include this, from one of my articles in audioXpress magazine: Dave Bell in the LTspice Users Group showed a simple work-around. I wanted to step resistor {X} backward from 21k down to 1k in 5k increments. Dave showed that changing {X} to {22k-X} forces the correct descending order. Note 22k for the formula’s resistor value versus 21k for the starting .step value, because the last step is 1k (22 to 21).

Also in the .step Help, several syntax examples are shown for the command itself, but there are no actual examples. And nowhere does it remind us that the parameter to step must be surrounded with curly braces: {X}

I set my folder for storing temp files, but I see that .fft files still end up in the .asc file’s folder.

There’s no way to assign the net label color at the top of the Waveform Viewer window.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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  • Hi  ,

    Thanks, these are all good suggestions, some of which I've seen on (e.g., the step-down trick). The help file is in general disrepair; undergoing an overhaul, which should address…