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LTspice Waveform Cursors: Ability to Enter Value, Save Positions (feature request)

Category: Software
Product Number: ltspice

What is really annoying in LTSpice is that there is no way of placing the cursor(s) at some specific point (e.g. at some specific point in time or at some specific amplitude of a chosen trace) by typting values into the "info" box that shows the cursor positions.

It is time consuming to always drag the cursor to the position of interest using the mouse if I e.g. run a number of simulation runs and always want the cursor in some specific place. Maybe the cursor measurement box can be changed from read only to editable - in this case I would expect the cursor to jump to the nearest value available from the simulation resutls to what I have requested (due to the nature of SPICE's adaptive stepping the exact value is unlikely to be available).

What do you guys think? Has this never be proposed?

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