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Request for -sync Command Line Switch to Sync Entirely Non-Interactively

Category: Software
Product Number: LTSpice
Software Version: 24
When running LTspice -sync switch, LTspice runs in foreground.
My understanding of the intent of the -sync switch is to run the component update function silently, and non-interactively, in the background.
Running this silently make sense, since no input is required of the user other than to click OK upon completion.
Any messages produced as a result of component update could be re-directed to the LTspice Error log.
Am I misunderstanding how the -sync switch works?
If not, could the -sync switch be modified to run silently and non-interactively?

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  • Hi

    Yes, only when -sync switch is used

    The way it works now - the GUI is launched, the update performed, then an OK prompt displayed that has to be clicked to continue (after which the GUI then closes).

    I'd like this to work silently and non-interactively only when the -sync switch is used.

    If errors/warning are generated during a sync, write them to the LTspice error log. Or perhaps the log for this operation could be an "update.log" that is displayed only if there are errors.