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LTspice symbol and library symbolic link

Category: Software
Product Number: LTspice
Software Version: 17.1.15



Is there a way (in LTspice) to link a .asy to a .lib without a hard link ?

example: BIDIR_TVS.asy (BIDIR TVS symbol) would have attribute .\sub\lib\BIDIR_TVS.lib (BIDIR_TVS library).


This way even if the hard link is modified but the architecture stays the same the link between the .asy and .lib still exists.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Hi DerBen,

    .asy files would need to have a certain PATH for it to get the information of the .lib files, but, if the link is the only concern, you can always place the .lib file on the same folder as your simulation file and change the attribute to its .lib name.

    for example, say that the BIDIR_TVS.asy and BIDIR_TVS.lib are in the same folder, then, change the attribute name to BIDIR_TVS.lib only, it would call the .lib located on the same folder always, considering that the  .\sub\lib\BIDIR_TVS.lib is removed already.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello EarlJohn,

    Yes it was helpfull, thank you.

    I'd rather have all the .lib in the same place (nor organised but with easy access) and all my symbols organised in sub folders (ex: \diode\tvs).

    I woke up with the idea of using an mklink inside ltspice install directory and update it when/if I modify the source directory location.

    Hope this helps if anyone wants/has a similar architecture.

  • Hi DerBen,

    This is actually the best approach as the .lib and .asy should always be located in one folder specially if multiple simulation files are using common symbols and libraries.

    Thank you for sharing your approach as well.

    Best Regards,