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Potential bug with current sources for LTSpice on MacOS

Category: Software
Product Number: LTSpice
Software Version: 17.0.42
Hello, I am using LTSpice on Mac and I have run into an annoying bug when it comes to current sources. When I use a DC Value input, I am able to check and uncheck the "This is an active load" property without issue. When I switch to a PWL file, the active load property remains on despite attempts to turn it off in the current source menu. I tried to include a video of this bug below (it's pretty low quality because of upload size constraints, apologies about that).
I have thankfully found a workaround, and that is to change the setting in the SpiceLine in the component attribute editor. However, the property flips back on if I open the current source menu.
I wanted to report the bug in case this is affecting/annoying any other users. I have also attached my model and a PWL file in case this is helpful.
11468ns 0mA
11472ns 0mA
11476ns 0mA
11480ns 0mA
11484ns 1mA
11488ns 2mA
11492ns 4mA
11496ns 7mA
11500ns 9mA
11504ns 11mA
11508ns 12mA
11512ns 12mA
11516ns 11mA
11520ns 10mA
11524ns 8mA
11528ns 7mA
11532ns 5mA
11536ns 4mA
11540ns 4mA
11544ns 3mA
11548ns 3mA
11552ns 2mA
11556ns 2mA
11560ns 2mA
11564ns 2mA
11568ns 2mA
11572ns 2mA
11576ns 2mA
11580ns 1mA
11584ns 1mA
11588ns 1mA
11592ns 1mA
11596ns 1mA
11600ns 1mA
11604ns 1mA
11608ns 1mA
11612ns 1mA
11616ns 1mA
11620ns 1mA
11624ns 1mA
11628ns 1mA
11632ns 1mA
11636ns 1mA
11640ns 1mA
11644ns 1mA
11648ns 1mA
11652ns 1mA
11656ns 1mA
11660ns 1mA
11664ns 1mA
11668ns 1mA
11672ns 1mA
11676ns 1mA
11680ns 1mA
11684ns 1mA
11688ns 1mA
11692ns 1mA
11696ns 1mA
11700ns 1mA
11704ns 1mA
11708ns 1mA
11712ns 1mA
11716ns 1mA
11720ns 1mA
11724ns 1mA
11728ns 1mA
11732ns 1mA
11736ns 1mA
11740ns 0mA