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LTSpice doesn't know what to do with complex Pspice models. How do resolve, "Unknown SPICE device type"?

Category: Software
Product Number: LTSpice
Software Version: Version (x64) 17.1.8

While trying to simulate a circuit that uses the TPSM33625 I get the error show below.


  • Dear user. Your circuit diagram attempts to use an encrypted Texas Instruments Pspice based model of a switching converter. Unless you got a decrypted Pspice model from Texas Instruments, this will not work.
    In case you got a decrypted Pspice model from TI, there are syntax differences between LTSpice and Pspice with a number of basic components that could create a model conversion issue. Have you tried downloading the TI publshed Pspice simulator tool? That would be my first step before doing anything else.

  • The TI simulator is not user friendly and not plug and play. LTSpice is such a superior tool and I refuse to waste my time with the TI simulator. I am purchasing an evaluation board instead.

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