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Very simple project ran smooth virtually, but real prototype does not.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT1819
Software Version: LTspice XVII(x64) (

I have a task to get simple lever shifter from 3.3V to 10V, exactly, for feeding the MOSFET driver from ESP32 microcontroller. It is double op-amp LT1819 used as comparator between fixed 2.7V and incoming signal from MC and logic inverter based on next op-amp. The SPICE netlist is as follows:

V1 N001 0 10 Rser=0.1
V2 N006 0 3.3 Rser=1
V3 N002 0 PULSE(0 3.3 0 5ns 5ns 1ms 2ms 10) Rser=1000
R1 N004 0 5000 tol=1 pwr=0.1
XU1 N005 N002 N003 N001 0 LT1818
XU3 N005 N003 N004 N001 0 LT1818
R2 N005 N006 1k
R3 N005 0 9.1k
.tran 5
.lib LTC2.LIB

1000 Ohm parasitic serial resistance in V3 (the virtual port of MC) eliminates the usual serial resistor placing. The simulation gives perfect result. But op-amps, bought from an reliable supplier ( warm up quickly and does not act as expected.

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