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Why doesn't LT Spice have an import?

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Here we are on version and you still have to go manually tinker around the standard.* files and stick files in subdirectories? 

Why isn't there functionality in the software to simply select a model file and click a button to import it? Wouldn't that be safer than users tinkering around in the files with a text editor? It just seems like such an obvious thing to me, I can't believe it's at version 17 and there's not something like that?

In fact, what would be super nice (and modern) is to allow sites to create component repositories and let users add those repositories to the software (in the Tools/Control Panel, though, not editing a file) and then give them a dialog where they can browse the components in those repositories and download and import them automatically.

Is there any chance this kind of functionality could be added?

  • Pedro88,

    The "why" is easy to answer: It's because the original author of LTspice wanted it this way.

    That being said, what we have isn't actually so bad. LTspice doesn't need "tinkering", all it requires for new models is to edit a text file with an editor of your choice. That's a fairly basic operation. I agree that it's not good style to alter the libraries which ship with LTspice, and we are about to transition away from that.

    Anyway, thanks for your idea. We'll add it to our list of things to do.

    Best Regards,