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Dealing with OneDrive

Category: Software
Product Number: LTSpice XVII
Software Version:

How can I work around OneDrive? 

The installation program's default installation directory is "Programs Files" where it creates a sub directory "LTC" and then creates subs "examples" and "lib".  This seems to avoid using the "My Documents" directory.  But when you click the "LTspice XVII" icon for the first time it proceeds to create similar directories in "My Documents" which becomes a nightmare with the default install of OneDrive because there are so many little files. (The default install of OneDrive creates a copy of all files in the local "My Documents" folder on the cloud).  After it is done creating this mess, I tried changing the locations of the "lib" and "sym" sub-directories to a location out of "My Documents" and moving all the files.  This seems to screw things up because all the device sub directories are ignored when you go to place a device in a schematic.  In addition, LTspice is now using the OneDrive directory for "My Documents" by default.  That is likely the fault of how OneDrive works by redirecting the default path for "My Documents" to its directory.

1. Can you stop LTspice creating directories in "Documents" upon first starting it?

2. Why does it ignore all the device sub directories when you change the search path using the "Tools" menu?  Is this a bug?

Thank you.

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