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Voltage-dependent capacitor modeling

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The voltage dependent capacitor presumably can be modeled using a voltage dependent current source I = C*dU/dt.

But how to implement this in LTSpice.

Here is my setup which doesn't work.

Where I've been mistaken.


Setup ...

Inside G1 ...

And here is simulation error form log ...

Error on line 2 : g1 aaa 0 0 aaa table(10v 50p, 20, 75p)*ddt(v(%in+, %in-))
Unknown parameter "*ddt"

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    Oct 4, 2022 in reply to Pavel47 +1 verified

    Hi  ,

    Table notation doesn't work that way. it linearize the value between 2 points. Example at point x=10, C=15p and at point X=20 C=35p, for every 10 step of x, C increases by 20p and since it…