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Can the default lib\sym working directories be changed?

Im wondering if the default C:\Users\%USERNAME&\"My Documents" lib\sym folder can be changed somewhere or is there a registry edit that can be changed for this?  Currently ITs group policy redirects the "My Documents" to a mapped network drive and when users open LTSpice it takes upwards of 30-40 minutes to download the lib\sym files to their network drive.  

Is there a way to change the My Documents folder to somewhere else or a registry edit that can be done or is there a way to point it to a folder accessible to all users?

  • Hi,

    I'll forward your question to the LTspice team.

  • Hello,

    I was just checking in to see if there has been any updates on this by chance?

  • Hi Nalgene,

    I apologize for the delay.

    I'd like to suggest the following option you can try.

    1. Please reinstall the LTspice to your local C: location, like C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceXVII
    where the library files will be available together with the XVIIx64.exe

    2. You may duplicate the installed library to another location and then you can call this location by configuring in the Control Panel (see the Hammer Icon)

    By this step, you will be able to call the library contents in either location (the local directory where the LTspice app is installed and the directory of the library duplicate.
    In my case, the duplicate of the library was placed in our OneDrive network location.

  • Great thanks I will give this a try!

  • I just tested this again on a fresh image install, I did step 2 to call the local installation lib directory then tested by removing the lib folder from documents folder.  When I reopen it still is looking to%USERNAME%\documents and will continue to recreate it.

    This often time causes LTSpice to not respond and have to terminate the program, The IT dept wont change the group policy in place for %USERNAME%\Documents redirection to mapped network drive causing the obscenely long load times.  Is there no other way to redirect initial lib/sym search location?  IT looks like the setting in software are only a placeholder search to call upon rather after it initialize the lib/sym search function on startup?  

  • I had Mathias reach out to me via email and mentioned that Analog Devices cannot offer a solution for LTSspiceXVII for various reasons to this inquiry.  

    He did mention that there is an upcoming release that doesnt install its files in the documents folder anymore and gave me a link to the Beta 17.1.1.

    I tested this and it worked great on for the person installing,however, will give this error on any other user in a domain environment. 


  • Nalgene,

    In 17.1, I can't replicate but I will provide a hint that hopefully will help. Have the user logout (or reboot) and have him look at his local directory if it exists (C:\Users\ecadet\AppData\Local\LTspice) (has to show "hidden" directories). If it does not exist, the installation did not complete. If it shows LTspice installed, have him "uninstall" from Windows first. After the system is "clean", no LTspice 17.1 installed, start the installation again. t will help if he has "Administrator" privileges this time (not needed for updates in the future unless he chose to install for "all users"). I know that the installation takes few minutes and make sure he waits until the directory above shows with data. The last step in the installation is to "uncompress" over 10,000 files so they should let the installation finish. I assume it is Windows 10, 64-bit (right?)

  • Nalgene,

    In 17.1.

    I just paid attention to "I tested this and it worked great on for the person installing,however, will give this error on any other user in a domain environment.". I wonder if this user is not "ecadet" and it was installed on another account. The directory "C:\Users\ecadet\AppData\.." is just for the user "ecadet" that installed ONLY. It will not be in a "shared" directory. Every user will have to have to run the installation from their local account because it will create "lib" and "example" just for the "local" user. Once LTspice is installed, they can add additional paths if needed. Hopefully that helps.

  • We were able to duplicate the issue. It shows when a user1 does the installation for "all" and a second user tries to use the same machine. We decided to provide a solution to address this issue and it will be available in 17.1.2.

  • Got the same problem. Could you please share the link for the 17.1 beta?