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LtSpice Simulation LTC7004

Currently I try to design a step down converter which will be controlled via a frequency generator. In order to drive the MOSFET (the one in the picture does not correspond to the real one) I use the High Side Driver LTC7004. In order to get a better understanding of the functional principle of the gate driver I have conducted a simulation in ltspice. The only problem is that the simulation always stucks at 100% and never finishes its calculation. It only tries to iterate more and more (see picture 2). 

I don't know how to fix this issue and therefore, because of the fact that this is my first circuit design, would be very glad and thankful for your help.  

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  • No problem, from an earlier LTC7001 post: "We specify the gate driver resistance (TG pull-up = 2.2ohms typical and TG pull-down = 1ohm typical, please see Data Sheet EC Table). We do not specify peak driver current, but it is approximately 1.25A pull up and 2.25A pull down. We specify the rise and fall times with 1nF and 10nF which could be used to estimate the peak driver current as well."

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