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Resistance value altered by solver?

Dear communitiy,

 actually I am using LTspice for the estimation of the EMC behavior of a power electronic component. Setting up the respective model for a transient simulation was basically not a problem, but I encountered a pretty strange behavior of LTSpice: In my model some of the used resistors are obviously calculated with different resistances. For example I assign 100uOhm, but the solver calculates with 5mOhm (which I did check via Ohm's law, i.e. i divided voltage drop over the respectiv resistor by its current, see picture below). The resistance value is directly assigned, so no .param statement has been used. Altering various solver settings did not provide any improvement and in the specific case, the value seems to be nailed at 5mOhm.
Did you ever encounter such a behavior in the past and could anyone provide a clou what the actual issue here could be and how to resolve it?

Unfortunately, the overall model cannot be revealed to you :/ 

 Many thanks in advance

Kind regards,

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  • Hello Paul and thanks for the reply. 

    There is no doubt from my side that Ohm's law is valid in LTSPice and may be checked in such a way. My problem is that I really faced the problem described above - assign 100uOhm and "get" 5mOhm. This can only happen, if the resistance is somehow altered/changed interly by the solver. So I was wondering, wether I am the first one to face such phenomena and opened this thread.

    Kind regards,