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LTC3623 - Simulation for negative output

Dear support team:

I'm trying to simulate the circuit from the figure 10 of the LTC3623 datasheet, as I need a negative output. Please refer to the following schematic:

After running the simulation, the SW node begins to oscillate and the output voltage starts to go under 0 V. At some point the inductor current increases indefinitely and it just stops working:

Can you please help me to figure out what's happening? We just bought the development kit and I would like to try the IC in this configuration.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi  Ody,

    Thank you. I will forward your concern to its respective model owner and will get back to you once I get an update.

    Unfortunately, I can only answer LTspice related concern eg. simulation issues, not model related issues.

    Once they verify that the model itself contains bugs, we will have to fix it and update the model.