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LTspice on Mac pointing to wrong library or missing library for standard parts

A couple of my students using LTspice on the Mac are having trouble with LTspice either pointing to the wrong library or not finding a library at all.

Here's an example of a simple circuit with an OP 27 - this is one that I netlisted and works as expected.

V3 VA 0 1

R1 Vin VA 68k

R2 0 Vin 68

XU1 Vin 0 N001 N002 Vo OP27

V1 N002 0 -5

V2 N001 0 5

.dc V3 -5 5 1m

.lib ADI.lib



The problem is that a couple students are seeing an incorrect .lib statement in their net lists.

For example the exact same schematic for another user generates (i.e. somehow different library

.lib LTC.lib

For another student on also a Mac, the path seems to be broken completely.

Again, this is for using standard parts. The student schematics work fine on my Mac with LTspice.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!