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AD8214 model fails: Fatal Error: Analysis: Time step too small

In s slightly more complicated circuit trying to use AD8214 (U4 in the schematic),
simulation fails with the following entries in the log:

Heightened Def Con from 4.61297e-007 ++++++++++++++++++++to 4.61299e-007
Heightened Def Con from 4.61299e-007 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Fatal Error: Analysis:  Time step too small; time = 4.61299e-007, timestep = 1.25e-019:
trouble with u4:2:fet-instance j:u4:2:2

What is this all about?
Any idea why this is failing?
All I did was replace a simple comparator in a functioning model with the AD8214...

Best Regards, Dave

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