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System Simulation of the FMCW Radar

Category: Software
Product Number: ADIsimPLL
Software Version: 5.40.04


I'd like to build an FMCW System working around 3.5 GHz with ADI products as much as possible. Now I only have generated the chirp signal with ADF4158 using the ADIsimPLL software.

So my question is that can I export all the information I need for the system? And what software should I learn to simulate the whole FMCW system?

Thank you for your assistance in advance, I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions.


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  • You can use the ADF4158 eval board software GUI for transposing the chirp parameters from ADIsimPLL to hex writes. To the software GUI you can enter things like frequency deviation/clk1/clk2 and so on that you have entered in ADIsimPLL and the software will enable you to generate the hex register writes required. It is quicker than manually transposing it using the datasheet

  • Hello aandrews,

    I've already installed the eval board software GUI as you recommend. But there are still some questions I'd hope you willing to guide me through:

    Q1: I don't quite understand about 'run the software once from this user account' as that the menu item is still greyed out. Should I connect the device which  is still en route?

    Q2: After generating the chirp signal, are there other software available for us to simulate the mixer, ADC, amplifier part and so on? Where can I simulate the whole FMCW system?

  • ADIsimPLL cannot be used to directly program any ICs or eval boards. The program chip tool you have highlighted basically just searches your PC and opens the relevant GUI for the EVB (if you have it installed)

    Please see Help>Help Topics and search for "Tools Menu" for more info.

    I am not sure what you mean by simulating the whole FMCW system, I don't think ADI has anything that would suit your needs. Probably something like ADS is required.



  • I see, Thank you for your patience!