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Differences between ADISimRF and datasheet of ADRV9002

I started playing with ADISimRF to build the signal chain for driving the ADRV9002. I've notice a few differences between ADISimRF and the datasheet. Can anyone help me understand what's correct? The differences are all for the receiver part with 400MHz WB, I didn't play with the transmitter.

  1. ADISimRF: IIP2WB is around 80dBm for the HPADC and LPADC. Datasheet: It should be around 10dB lower for the LPADC
  2. ADISimRF: The gain of the receivers is always under 20dB in. Datasheet: It should be 22dB.
  3. ADISimRF: IIP3 is 20dB with full gain. Datasheet: 24dB for LPADC and 26dB for HPADC 
  4. ADISimRF: The power gain range is 36dB. Datasheet: Attenuation range is 34dB

2. and 3. leads to minimum 28dB differences in OIP3 for HPADC.