LTspice examples files load blank.

I open Ltspice, hit the open icon or Ctrl+O, double click an example inside the Ltspice folder, and it opens the example but comes out blank.

Updated Ltspice and the same happens. Did the sync release. I have tried zooming in the project (zoom full extent) and nothing appears on screen.

It used to work, I have no idea what's goin on. I can place components on it tho and they show just fine.

Is it a known bug? What can I do to get it working?

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  • Hey Anne, thanks for helping out. Figured it out, the solution it's at the end.

    1) the .asc file opens up in wordpad (Win10)

    2) Yes. I can Save and open schematics without a problem. 

    3) Yes. It loads perfectly.

    I was opening the files from the LTspice interface. I went to the LTC examples folder in "Program Files" and the .plt files were instructed to be open with a text editor instead of LTspice. Changed that to open with LTspice and it's working. Hope this helps someone else as the chances of this happening is very slim and it's very tricky to figure it out, to come up with. As I did two reinstalls and a couple of resyncs and did not installed that text editor -after- LTspice. 



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