SOAtherm-NMOS symbol is gone in LTspice XVII, so how could I control Tj of a mosfet?

I want to test the relation of Id and Vds in different Tj, but what could I do without SOAtherm-NMOS symbol ? 

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    on Dec 8, 2020 7:41 AM 2 months ago

    Hi Miaaa,

    The model file of SCT30N120_V2 already contains a link to the internal simulator temperature:

    .SUBCKT SCT30N120_V2 1 2 3
    E1 Tj val_T VALUE={TEMP}
    R1 val_T 0 1E-03

    So you can use the standard temperature sweeps:

    .TEMP <T1> <T2> ...

    or better use the .STEP command to have all its sweep capabilities.
    E.g. linear temp sweep from -40°C to 120°C in 20K steps:

    .STEP TEMP -40 120 20