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I can't use AD8436 spice model  with pspice .

The output file contains :

X_U5.B3 +15V -15V X_U5.I X_U5.IF V ---------------$ ERROR -- Invalid parameter + IBUFVP -V VEE 4.8 160u 0

X_U5.B4 +15V -15V X_U5.I X_U5.IF V ---------------$ERROR -- Invalid parameter+ OBUFVP -V VEE 4.8 40u 0
X_U5.B5 +15V -15V X_U5.I X_U5.IF V----------------$ERROR -- Invalid parameter

I've changed the last line (.end change by .ends) and the line about B2 (B2 0 OUT I=I(V16) change by B2 0 OUT I=I{V16})

Could you tell me what is the right syntax for pspice ?

Thank you.