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Test Bench LT1713 fails


It has been almost 3 decades I  am using LTSPICE, never , not even once, had I ever come across a test bench not work!

A bit of the history

- upgraded to latest w10 version of LTSPICE VII ( I think)

- it took several hrs( done over night, ??)

Then wanted to model & simulate a circuit using LT1713 ( upon search, it came up as the fast comparator)

Then selected a current feedback amplifier LT6559.

With a few other parts, got a new schematic done & ran the simulation.

zippo. Key waveforms not computed ...

Naturally, you suspect I did not follow the instructions for using the comp or the amp.

so I opened the comparator "Test Bench".

Lo & behold, the test bench does not run as expected!

So went & checked if the upgrade worked properly...well, it does.

I am not uploading the comparator test bench. 

Any idea what is up with this model?

appreciate any help in figuring out what is wrong here.


PS: Helmutt Sennenlwald still here?

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