AD8130 Spice Model

Hi All

I would appreciate it if someone can help me with the following LTspice error.


Error on line 3 : u1 v1 0 v2 fb vcc vee fb ad8130
	 Unable to find definition of model "fb"
	*  Unknown parameter "vcc"
Fatal Error: URC instance U1: Length must be positive definite.

I'm trying to simulate the summing circuit application that is shown in the AD8129/AD8130 Datasheet on page 35. 

I have checked that my LTspice model pin list is in the same order as the "AD8130.cir" SUBCKT list.


R1 0 FB 1K tol=1 pwr=0.1
U1 V1 0 V2 FB VCC VEE FB AD8130
V1 V1 0 SINE(0 1 1K)
V2 V2 0 SINE(0 1 1K)
V3 VCC 0 12
V4 VEE 0 -12
.lib ad8130.cir
.tran 1m

I'm not sure if there is an error with the circuit or with my model. See the attached design files below.

Thank you

Updated file attached: Removed LOG.
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