About AD9250 IBIS Model



I'm using IBIS AMI model of ad9250 supplied by Analog (AD9250 AMI Model (Rev. 1.2) in ANSYS Electronics Desktop. In Electronics Desktop I loaded the model, but during VeriEye analysis I encountered the following error:

It seems that the model lacks the "probe_name" field in the model dll. Is this an model version compatibility error or is there a problem with the AD9259 IBIS AMI Model?

Thank you.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 10, 2020 2:57 PM


    In the early days of simulating with AMI models, there were compatibility issues between different tools and this may be the case here.The aD9250 AMI model was validated with SiSoft (now part of Mathworks) QCD simulator and has also been used (by customers) with Momentum ADS and HyperLynx simulators.  So, should be compatible with those tools . 

    Having said that, it could be a matter of running your tool in the correct processor mode (32-bit vs 64-bit).  So, you may want to try running in a different processor mode to see if that solves the problem.  Otherwise, you may need to try a different simulator.

    Hope this helps.