Importing AD8237 spice model to LTspice XVII

Hi all,

I've read several topics on how to import a new spice model to LTspice, but I need to import the spice module of the AD8237 (which can be found on AD site in .cir format), but nothing seems to work. I am still not able to see the component under the library list. 

Could someone please guide me on how to do this?

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated. 

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    on Oct 21, 2019 3:38 PM


    I have made an example a few years ago for the LTspice Yahoo group. I have attached a zip-file with all the necessary files. Just unzip it and RUN the simulation. I always copy the model file and the symbol file into the folder of the schematic.

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    PS: The LTspice Yahoo group will move to, because Yahoo will terminate the user groups at the end of this year.

  • Hi Helmuts,

    Thanks a lot. Seems to be working fine. Just a quick question, does this model include the noise generated by the IA etc? or it only simulates its ideal operation?

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    on Oct 22, 2019 8:57 PM in reply to smithbeginner


    Often there are comments in the model file. When you open the model file AD8327.cir, you will see the information below.

    * Not Modeled:
    *   Temperature effects
    *   CM SR limitation
    * Parameters modeled include:
    *   Gain
    *    Bandwidth
    *    Noise
    *    CMRR vs. frequency
    *    PSRR vs. frequency
    *    Vosi
    *    Ibias/Ios
    *    Ibias vs. VCM
    *    Ibias vs. Vdiff
    *    Input Capacitance
    *    Quiescent Current
    *    Input/Output clamping
    *    Max Diff Input limitation
    *    Gain Error
    *    Pulse vs. cap load

    Yes, noise is modelled in the noise analysis. The noise analysis have to be done with the simulation command .NOISE . Please be aware that no other type of simulation, e.g. .TRAN or .AC, will contain noise.