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ADIsimPE not able to run any simulations

I just installed ADIsimPE but when I start the program I get a Pop-up window stating that: ADIsimPE has expired and as a result you will not be able to run any simulations.

I tried to update the program but it did not help. /the update succeded but the program still don't run)

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  • Hello Klaus,

    I just tried ADIsimPE after I read your message. The program asked for updates. When I updated, the installer installed nothing and reported it's now OK.

    Additional checks for updates then has reported "Your ADIsimPE installation is up to date". When trying to simulate, the simulation will not be executed.. 

    Hello support from ADI,
    Is the probably failing update a configuration problem on your server or has ADI stopped licensing ADIsimPE?

    Best regards,

  • Klaus,

    My apologies for this inconvenience.

    Here's a copy-and-paste from the ADIsimPE Reference Library forum:

    We do not offer technical support in EngineerZone for ADIsimPE solutions. If you require assistance please log a support ticket here and be sure to provide a brief description and attach any relevant information. This enables us providing a faster feedback and improve our support.

    LTspice is the preferred SPICE simulator of Analog Devices. We have sunsetted ADIsimPE, effective September 26, 2019.

    Unlike ADIsimPE, LTspice does not support SIMPLIS models.  If you need SIMPLIS simulation capability, we recommend purchasing SIMetrix/SIMPLIS from



  • Hello Anne,

    Thanks a lot for this information. I had to search with Google about the meaning of sunsettled. Now I know it means phased out or expired.

    It's a very good decision to prefer LTspice, because it's the mostly used SPICE-program in R&D. Beyond its very precise simulation capability of switched mode power supply ICs, it's widely used for general circuit simulation as well. It's unlimited circuit size is a great plus.