LTSpice issue in using third party model file, throws "Ignoring empty pin current" and simulation is very slow


I'm using a third party model file (from TI) for a buck converter. The model file is an unencrypted file, however when I'm using it in the simulation it says "Ignoring empty pin current" and the simulation doesn't converge. Can anyone please explain why do we get such warning message saying "Ignoring empty pin current" and how can we speed up the simulation and make it converge?

Thanks in advance!

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    on May 14, 2019 9:15 AM


    This forum is owned and managed by Analog Devices. Its target is supporting users of LTspice simulating parts from Analog Devices (LTC) and general usage of LTspice.

    In your case, you should ask for help in the independent LTspice group. See the link below.

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