LTSpice and AD797


I want to simulate the AD797 component on LTSpice.

I have download the Spice model on Analog Device website, but it's a LTspice Netlist file (ad797.cir). How can I import it under LTspice? When I open it with LTspice, it's a text document.

Thanks for your feedback.



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    on Dec 14, 2018 2:50 PM over 1 year ago

    Hello Florian,

    This model has an extra pin for compensation compared to many other opamps. I have simply added one pin to the symbol "opamp2.asy" and saved it with a different name. There are 4 different model files. The difference is mostly regarding (offset) bias current and offset voltage.

    Just unzip my file in any directory to run the simulation.

    I recommend to copy the symbol(.asy) file and the model(.cir) file to the folder of your schematic.


  • Hi helmuts,

    I had a problem with your file, but doesn't matter, I've used a AD795 for the simulation and it was worked.

    Just a quick question to finish, do you know if there is an equivalent component from Analog Device for the amplifier INA111 please? It's not very important if it doesn't have exactly the same characteristics.

    Thank you in advance,


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