LTSpice and AD797


I want to simulate the AD797 component on LTSpice.

I have download the Spice model on Analog Device website, but it's a LTspice Netlist file (ad797.cir). How can I import it under LTspice? When I open it with LTspice, it's a text document.

Thanks for your feedback.



  • Hello Florian,

    This model has an extra pin for compensation compared to many other opamps. I have simply added one pin to the symbol "opamp2.asy" and saved it with a different name. There are 4 different model files. The difference is mostly regarding (offset) bias current and offset voltage.

    Just unzip my file in any directory to run the simulation.

    I recommend to copy the symbol(.asy) file and the model(.cir) file to the folder of your schematic.


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