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ADISimRF Custom parts corrupted on version upgrade

When I upgraded ADISimRF from to ADISimRF imported 11 custom components.

When I go to use any custom component and set Output Freq field it gives a dialog with following message:

"This frequency is higher than the highest available frequency in the database for this device. ADISimRF will use the highest available device data (-1MHz). More accurate data may be entered manually."

If click OK and then is gets an Unhandled exception which you can respond: Continue or Quit. There is also a button Details which gives additional info.
Continue button allows application to continue but no fields are filled and selecting new parts does not work correctly.

Note: Each custom part in previous version only had data assigned for a single frequency (5745 MHz).



  • Hi Gavin,

    sorry about the delay in responding. It's not easy for us to reproduce the problem you are seeing. When I updated to the most recent revision, I had three custom devices which came over without issue and seem to be working fine. They are different from your custom devices in that they each had multiple frequency points.  This should not matter but maybe it does.  When you upgrade from one revision to the next, your custom parts get added to the master database, a file called ADISimRF_Database.mdb (it's a Microsoft Access database). Would you be able to search on your computer and try to find this file and send it to me. If I have this, I may be able to figure out what went wrong with the upgrade.

  • Hello

    I somehow missed seeing your reply until now. I worked around the problem by adding the parts again with a new frequency. 

    I there a method to remove a custom part from the database?

  • I also would like to know how to remove a custom part from the database.

    In my case I added a part as a SPST when it should have been a SPDT.

    Doing a Save Custom Part As with the correct type doesn't seem to change the

    type in the database.

  • We currently have no way to remove custom parts from the database. The only option I can think of is to uninstall the software and erase any folders that are left over. Of course the problem with this is that you would lose all custom parts.

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