Can't draw wires with LTspice XVII, Oct. 23 2018 version

I recently updated to the latest version of LTspice XVII and I can no longer draw wires between component nodes.  The functionality appears to be there, but I don't have a cursor to know where on the schematic I'm picking from.  Left-clicking the mouse with the wire button selected starts a wire but there's no way to tell ahead of time where I'm selecting.

I'm running Windows 10 on a Dell XPS 15 laptop with a 4K wide-gamut display.  I've attempted to run the application as an administrator, running in 1080 HD mode instead of 4K, and running in compatibility mode back to Windows 7.  So far, the application works fine except for not having a cursor when drawing a wire.

Is there some way of adjusting the cursor display that I'm missing?


  • soon as I ask the question, I find the answer.  In the LTspice XVII application properties, under Change High DPI Settings, I had selected the High DPI Scaling Override option to System (Enhanced) to make it more readable at 4K resolution.  This is when the cursor disappeared.  I switched the override option back to Application and all is good.  The icons and text are very small in 4K but all is well if I change the resolution to 1080.