Can't find definition of model for BJT's Error Message

I am getting the following error message from LTSPICE: Can't find definition of model for BJT's. This warning appears for two models that I downloaded. One is for an OnSemi MPSA06  model,       ( NPN ), and for a TIP30A ( PNP ) model. I have both of the models placed into both the project folder and into the C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceXVII\lib\sub folder as well. I added the SPICE .lib directive for each part to the schematic sheet, with the full file location and name including the extension. ( I have also tried the .inc directive ). I also updated the component attributes for each component's Value with the name of the internal model name of each model file. But I am still getting the " Can't find definition of model" error message for both BJT's. Not sure what I am doing wrong.  The netlist is showing both the models associated with each part and it also shows the .lib or .inc statements associated with each model. Additionally I can open each model from within LTSPICE. Perhaps these models need to be packaged into a subcircuit for use with the generic NPN or PNP from the parts placement pulldown menu??

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jim Lund