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AD-96TOF1-EBZ with Thor96: device does not show up on the target platform


I'm trying to run the first-frame demo on a Thor96 which is connected to the AD-96TOF1-EBZ sensor. However, the demo fails to run with the following message:

I0729 11:51:41.006318  6541 camera_96tof1.cpp:20] Initializing camera
I0729 11:51:41.006342  6541 local_device.cpp:118] Opening device
W0729 11:51:41.006413  6541 local_device.cpp:135] Cannot identify /dev/video1errno: 2error: No such file or directory
W0729 11:51:41.006532  6541 camera_96tof1.cpp:25] Failed to open device
E0729 11:51:41.006562  6541 main.cpp:33] Could not initialize camera!
W0729 11:51:41.006695  6541 local_device.cpp:102] close m_implData->fd error errno: 9 error: Bad file descriptor
W0729 11:51:41.006727  6541 local_device.cpp:107] close m_implData->sfd error errno: 9 error: Bad file descriptor

Judging from the log, it seems that the device "/dev/video1" is supposed to exist but there is no such device. I have made sure that the TOF sensor is powered, and that the DIP switches S1 and S5 are set to "96 CONF" mode as shown on the PCB silkscreen.

Regards, William