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AD-96ToF Linux and ROS integration

My setup:

Docker container based on Linux 16.4 and has ROS melodic installed: ros:melodic-ros-base-bionic

Dragon board image: dragonboard410c_latest_ea8ffd5.img


On master branch, tag v2.0.1 and tag v3.0.0:

- aditof_demo (and also ROS launch) is not running:

I1117 17:56:05.589582 8363 usb_sensor_enumerator.cpp:86] Looking for USB connected sensors
E1117 17:56:05.706218 8363 usb_sensor_enumerator.cpp:183] invalid connection string:
W1117 17:56:05.707492 8363 usb_sensor_enumerator.cpp:134] VIDIOC_QUERYCAP
W1117 17:56:05.823346 8363 aditofdemocontroller.cpp:65] No cameras found!
Gtk-Message: 17:56:05.852: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
Gtk-Message: 17:56:05.853: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

On tag v2.0.0:

- aditof_demo is working but ROS launch is not robust and it stops working with the following error:


Note: The image on the dragon board has been tested with Windows and it works fine. 

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  • Hi Robert,

    I just understood that at least on the tag v2.0.0, if I remove the ROS dynamic parameters from the aditof_roscpp src files and replace it with msg request (simple subscribers to set the mode and other stuff) that solve the issue in most of the cases. Still having some problems after closing the node and want to relaunch it that seems to be a USB communication. Hope that can be solved soon by you guys.