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I tried to use AD-FXTOF1-EBZ+RPi4 for ROS.

PC side is Ubuntu 18.04LTS and ROS melodic. I build it on Ubuntu and there is no error.

I connect Ubuntu PC and RPi4 due to USB-Ethernet. I can see RPi4 by SSH connection.

When I run roslaunch file with target ip address from Ubuntu PC. It has error "No cameras found".

I didn't install ROS on RPi4+camera side. And there is any setup on RPi4. ToF camera + RPi4 is only start up with SD card image which is from GitHub. 

If SDK ROS package can call camera control, it should work as an camera.

But, if I have to set RPi4 for control camera and ROS node, please let me know how should I do for using ROS.

Please give me your advice for ADI TOF camera for ROS.

It looks ethernet connection issue. I asked another question for demo application. If it is related issue, I hope update the software of GitHub.

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