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Aditof-Demo connect from win10 PC for AD-FXTOF1-EBZ


I have evaluated  AD-FXTOF1-EBZ with Raspberry pi4.

All of software on RPi was OK.

But, I tried to connect AD-FXTOF1-EBZ+RPi to Windows10 PC witch is Host PC by Aditof-Demo software.

Is the function only supported AD-96TOF-EBZ?

If I can use the remote connect function from Win10/Linux for AD-FXTOF1-EBZ, please let me know how to use the software.

I'm interested in image processing on Host PC. 

Best regards,


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  • Hi Septimin,

    I tried to use aditof-demo application which is ver3.0.0 SDK on Ubuntu. And build it manually. It didn't see any error on build process. 

    However, it could not connect to ToFcamera and RPi4 from Ubuntu PC.

    Should I need to update SD card image of the RPi4 as well?

    If I need additional action for using the application, please let me know.

    Best regards,