AD-FXTOF1-EBZ, Failed to open EEPROM with name 24c1024

On Jetson Nano image with the aditof SDK and compiled executables, when running
sudo ./aditof-demo


<< ... Looking for the following cards: vi-output, addi9036 6-0064 failed. Error: Permission denied Failed to open EEPROM with name 24c1024 Starting device 0 Chosen mode: near Camera range for mode: near is 250 mm and 800mm Found firmware for mode: near Firmware size: 14404 bytes

Then nothing more. No other window opens, no live video, but process appears to be running and taking about 17% CPU.

Should the demo give me a live view on the TOF sensor?

I did not re-compile the source, I executed the example program as provided on the image (modified 7 Jun 2021). I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!