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cant bring up FXTOF1-EBZ

Hello, I have a Jetson Nano 2GB + FXTOF1-EBZ (Rev. A) and i cant seem to bring up the device. First of all, please consider uploading a "FIRST TIME USE HOW BRING UP VIDEO" somewhere for some of the most common platforms (RPi, Jetson, whatsoever). [its a personal hell to get this running]

I have navigated through your forums and repositories but i cant seem to find why i cant detect the camera from the linux distro installed in the Jetson nano.

Here is a list of some of the things i double checked before writing here:

- do i have the right distro? yes, i downloaded and booted the nvidia model linux distribution corresponding to this model

- did i check the flat cables for false contacts/wrong connection? yes. Both flat cables and usb power sources

- did i reboot after latest installation or update? yes

- is the ToF attached to another power supply? yes, to a 5V2Amps power source as specified

- did i compile the right project?. I used the guide from your repository: -> about this guide: it has no comments on how to add the other packages, i had to go into the guide for RPi for example and see how you installed the packages, please fix this, its a headache to use your platform if you dont leave all of the things in the same place, not that hard to fix and will make all of the customers happier.

- did i used the flag "-DUSE_FXTOF1=1" when compiling? yes

- do i have the latest version of the board driver? yes, my version matches the one from "">"

What did i do to say i cant seem to bring up the device:

- compiled everything:


        - add a "/workspace/aditof_sdk:  make install", otherwise the paths on .cpp and .h files dont know how to find the /aditof/cameras and different references.

        - add to system path the newly installed features: PATH=$PATH:/root/workspace/aditof_sdk/

        - refresh links to new executables: sudo /sbin/ldconfig -v

So, what seems to be the problem? i compiled the jetson nano example "imshow-jetson", got the executables and everything but when i try to launch it  it doesn't find the camera as a device, the example crashes with these messages:

"sensor_enumerator_jetson.cpp:84] Looking for devices on the target: Jetson

Failed to open /dev/video0: No such file or directory

... "

Please, if you would be so kind to propose solutions to this


Rodrigo Perna