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invalid connection string: No cameras found! C++ on Windows

According to the "Windows Build Instruction" I installed the prerequisites.


  • Windows 10 Education Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042
  • Visual Studio 16 2019
  • glog_0.5.0
  • protobuf_3.9.0
  • libwebsockets_3.1

I could generate the aditof-demo.exe and run it, but it says in the console:

  • I20210813 16:56:52.439182 11968 usb_sensor_enumerator.cpp:99] Looking for USB connected sensors
    E20210813 16:56:52.542600 11968 usb_sensor_enumerator.cpp:160] invalid connection string:
    W20210813 16:56:52.543606 11968 aditofdemocontroller.cpp:65] No cameras found!

I found similiar question in the forum (No Camera Found Linux), where one suggests to switch off the cmake flag: IGNORE_TARGET_VERSION set to OFFBut that didn't solved my problem (I am also sure that the version on my dragoboard is 2.0.0)

Thank you very much for help!

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