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Point cloud or depth map export to Matlab

I use AD-96TOF1-EBZ (with dragonboard)

Is it possible to get the point cloud exported to Matlab?

The "aditof_imaq.m" Matlab example and the built-in "image acquisition tool" work well. The depth map image and IR image stream is nice, but I miss data stream/export. In special the point cloud or depth map data.

Thanks for help :-)!

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  • Hi Septimiu

    The new DLL files help. The image is still not metric scaled after my conversion, but it is undistorted :-)!
    Now I would need to have a metric scaled pointCloud (not depth values between 0-255 and also x,y axis should be metric. How can I achieve that in Matlab?

    Unfortunately, I couldn't copy an image in this answer (tried different browsers, copy-paste and also the insert tool)

    Best regards