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We had done testing on AD-96TOF1-EBZ (Kit from Arrow Asia) and it provided great results for our application. Moving on, we would like to develop a smaller TOF board to fit into our application. 

Can you give provide support on the following questions? 

1. Using Medium-range, what is the minimum number of VSCELS  we need to use? Are we able to achieve the same result as the evaluation kit with just one VSCEL?

2. Using medium-range, What is the minimum FOV for receiving optics?

3. Can the JCD J6920B lens be replaced with a lens with a smaller form factor? e.g JCD 7910 https://www.jcdo.com/products/j7910 or JCD 7960 https://www.jcdo.com/products/j7960

4. Do you guys have a hardware design guide for the placement and location of VSCEL(s) and optics? e.g Can we put the VSCEL and the ToF Module side by side (With 1-2mm spacing)?

5. Are we able to replace the current VSCEL with a different 940nm VSCEL?

Thank you.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 22, 2020 3:09 PM 20 days ago

    1. The evaluation kit is using 2 VCSELs for medium range. A similar maximum distance can be achieved if using just one VCSEL but with a narrower field of illumination.

    2. The FoV really depends on the application, there is no imposed minimum value. The achievable max distance si determined by the lens FoV and the laser Field of illumination. The narrower these are the longer the sensing distance.

    3. Yes, any of these lenses are compatible.

    4. There aren't specific design guides for this, but the rule of thumb is to place the VCSEL close to the lens making sure the lens does not shade the VCSEL.

    5. Yes, other VCSELs should work as well. Always make sure the lens FoV and laser field of illumination are matched.



  • I have two questions for my application:

    1,How do I decrease the sensor range for less 0.01m? what are the factor of limit? 

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