Hardware Design Support


We had done testing on AD-96TOF1-EBZ (Kit from Arrow Asia) and it provided great results for our application. Moving on, we would like to develop a smaller TOF board to fit into our application. 

Can you give provide support on the following questions? 

1. Using Medium-range, what is the minimum number of VSCELS  we need to use? Are we able to achieve the same result as the evaluation kit with just one VSCEL?

2. Using medium-range, What is the minimum FOV for receiving optics?

3. Can the JCD J6920B lens be replaced with a lens with a smaller form factor? e.g JCD 7910 https://www.jcdo.com/products/j7910 or JCD 7960 https://www.jcdo.com/products/j7960

4. Do you guys have a hardware design guide for the placement and location of VSCEL(s) and optics? e.g Can we put the VSCEL and the ToF Module side by side (With 1-2mm spacing)?

5. Are we able to replace the current VSCEL with a different 940nm VSCEL?

Thank you.