Quantum efficiency AD-96TOF1-EBZ

What is the quantum efficiency in the visible range of the spectrum?

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    on Jun 25, 2019 10:39 AM over 1 year ago

    Hello Matt

    This various and its difficult to answer due to various parameters. as;

    (a) There is an optical (band pass) filter which filters out all frequencies except 940nm wavelength

    (b) The unit emits IR light

    (c) Light intensity falls of inversely square of the distance 1/(d^2)

    (d) And pending on distance the reflected light bounce back is also inversely squared of it again by the time it reached the sensor. 

    (e) The CCD sensor then capture this as a charge ('Q'). So if one have all these parameter is really down to the CCD sensor.

    The CCD comes from a third party and we don't have these specifics details. To be realistic this question is best answered by a physicist who manufacture the CCD sensors. This may be propriety info. not sure if they want to share these info. But the above shows a lot of dependencies. anyhow it (CCD) IP specific.

    Please advise the reason why one needs to know these IP propriety info. ?