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AD-FXTOF1-EBZ and Jetson Xavier NX set up question

Category: Software
Product Number: AD-FXTOF1-EBZ

Dear Sir,

Our customer would like to connect AD-FXTOF1-EBZ to Jetson Xavier NX.

They have a problem with the software setup and ask us some questions about the procedure.

Following the wiki manual below, they set up the software step by step.

Prepare SD card

  • Download and flash on a SD card the latest image provided from the following link: aditof_sdk#ad-fxtof1-ebz
  • Download L4T BSP L4T BSP package (Tested release R32.3.1) ---->[#1] [#2]
  • Extract kernel_src from BSP package
  • ADI ToF camera driver and devicetree should be taken from aditof_sdk.
  • Copy paste and replace content of kernel_src folder from L4T BSP with the one downloaded from ADI ToF Repository
  • Build Kernel and devicetree blob following instructions from Building_the_Kernel_from_Source selecting “CONFIG_VIDEO_ADDI9036” and “CONFIG_EEPROM_AT24” using menuconfig
  • Copy generated kernel Image and devicetree to SD card

Power on sequence

  • Plug the SD card into the Nvidia Xavier NX SD card slot
  • Connect the HDMI cable from the monitor to the Jetson HDMI connector
  • Connect the 25 pins flex cable between the camera and the interposer
  • Connect the 15 pons camera cable between the J1 connector of Jetson Xavier NX and the P1 connector of the interposer. Make sure to use the cable with contacts on opposite sides.

Please let me ask you about the following questions. 

[#1] Tested release is R32.3.1, but there's no Jetson Xavier NX version in R32.3.1. Which release should be used for Jetson Xavier NX?

[#2] There's two BSP files, Driver Package (BSP) and  Driver Package (BSP) Sources. Which BSP should we use?

If any other points we need to care for setup, please let me know.

Your kind advise would be appreciated.