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Compile and execute the first-frame about AD-FXTOF1

Hi Friends:

I use the example first-frame in the SDK. Firstly, I cmake it and make to pass. I execute the firert-frame as follow error:

I0708 11:37:47.533417 10006 sensor_enumerator_raspberrypi.cpp:49] Looking for sensors on the target: Raspberry PI
I0708 11:37:47.535318 10006 camera_fxtof1.cpp:125] Initializing camera
I0708 11:37:47.535385 10006 addi9036_sensor.cpp:139] Opening device
I0708 11:37:47.535432 10006 addi9036_sensor.cpp:157] Looking for the following cards:
I0708 11:37:47.535511 10006 addi9036_sensor.cpp:159] unicam
E0708 11:37:47.543540 10006 eeprom.cpp:64] fopen() failed. Error: No such file or directory
E0708 11:37:47.544131 10006 camera_fxtof1.cpp:154] Failed to open EEPROM with name 24c1024
E0708 11:37:47.544199 10006 test3D.cpp:67] Could not initialize camera!

But I build it in the SDK. It is ok. Could I use the first-frame to develop my code? Are there something I loss?