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AD-96TOF1-EBZ with Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX : Regarding aditof-demo app crash and recorded data processing

Hi Analog Team,

We have successfully flashed the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX SD card release image using Etcher and we are also able to build the aditof-demo app( Note: Done git pull before building demo app). We can see both Depth and IR view in live mode through the HDMI display. 

But we are getting an app crash while playing the recorded file. Please find the attached snapshot of the error.

We could find the recorded data file in the Xavier home directory and tried to view the same using the vooya application in Linux. 
But the quality is not as expected while comparing with the live view through the HDMI display. 
  1. Is there any post-processing methods used in the aditof-demo app for getting better quality in the UI? 
  2. Is any fix available for the app crash mentioned above?

Inserted recorded data
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  • 1. As a conclusion, the EEPROM is flashed from Xavier using the .bin file mentioned earlier so that EEPROM will have the firmware for three modes. As per the user selection of modes from UI like aditof-demo, the Xavier will read the corresponding setting from EEPROM and will program the addi9036 and the camera will be calibrated for the selected mode. After this, if there is no change in mode settings we can disconnect the EEPROM. Is this correct? Programming of ADDI9036 means that the data from EEPROM is writing into some registers in addi9036?

    2. We are trying to interface AD-96TOF1-EBZ EVB with Qualcomm 610 which is having a different approach for camera integration. There we use some XML files for configuring the camera from userspace. The kernel and drivers are Qualcomm property. Let us know if you have done the integration of the EVB with Qualcomm chipset qcs610 or with the related chipsets like qcs605,qcs410..etc.If done please share your input here.