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failed to read firmware from eeprom

I am using the AD96 TOF board with Dragonboard 410c, I have connected a display and mouse+keyboard to the dragon board. I see the error Failed to read frirmware from eeprom in the terminal when I try to run the

I have updated the sdk on the sd card following the build instructions here

Although I was able to run the initially on the dragonboard, I then attempted to connect the dragon board over USB to PC and run the aditof-demo on a linux PC where the eeprom firmware error first showed up, Reverting to the dragon board setup I see the same issue while trying to run the aditof-demo on the dragonboard now. 

Please help me with any leads on how I can identify what is missing at my end which could be creating this issue?, I have tried running the eeprom tool which returns segmentation fault.


  • Can you try to read the contents of the eeprom using the eeprom tool?

    Firstly, make sure you build the tool by using the flag '-DWITH_TOOLS=1'. Ex: ''cmake -DDRAGONBOARD=1 -DWITH_TOOLS=1 ..'

    After building the project run the tool like this:

    ./eeprom-tool -m -r backup.bin

    If this runs ok please attach the bin here, else post here the output / error

  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    I did run it and it worked after adding sudo to the command, I see the below  messages,

    linaro@linaro-alip:~/workspace/github/aditof_sdk/build/tools/eeprom-tool$ sudo ./eeprom-tool -m -r backup.bin
    WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
    I0125 07:21:59.512212 4369 eeprom_tool.cpp:85] Setting connection via ON_TARGET
    I0125 07:21:59.512920 4369 sensor_enumerator_dragonboard.cpp:156] Looking for sensors on the target
    I0125 07:21:59.513767 4369 sensor_enumerator_dragonboard.cpp:176] Looking at: /dev/media1 for an eligible TOF camera
    I0125 07:21:59.619187 4369 sensor_enumerator_dragonboard.cpp:190] Considering: /dev/media1 an eligible TOF camera
    I0125 07:21:59.619457 4369 sensor_enumerator_dragonboard.cpp:176] Looking at: /dev/media0 for an eligible TOF camera
    I0125 07:21:59.650869 4369 addi9036_sensor.cpp:139] Opening device
    I0125 07:21:59.651070 4369 addi9036_sensor.cpp:157] Looking for the following cards:
    I0125 07:21:59.651150 4369 addi9036_sensor.cpp:159] Qualcomm Camera Subsystem
    I0125 07:21:59.682018 4369 eeprom_tool.cpp:147] Successfully created connection to EEPROM
    I0125 07:22:00.501250 4369 cam96tof1_eeprom.cpp:59] EEPROM calibration data size 64940 bytes
    E0125 07:22:06.512076 4369 cam96tof1_eeprom.cpp:74] Successfully read data from EEPROM
    I0125 07:22:06.514055 4369 eeprom_tool.cpp:242] Successfully wrote data to file
    I0125 07:22:06.514230 4369 eeprom_tool.cpp:207] Successfully wrote data to file from EEPROM
    I0125 07:22:06.514389 4369 eeprom_tool.cpp:251] Destroyed connection

    Attaching the bin file.

  • , I see the bin file is not getting uploaded here, sent you the bin file on email. Please check

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